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Wanting a child

Worried it May Never Happen for You? Need to Know You Have Done Everything You Can? This can help.


Are you experiencing one of the following symptoms?

There are many different causes for unexplained infertility

The reproduction system is a finely balanced system much like the rest of your body; when are under pressure, feel anxiety or are concerned we produce hormones which counteract the reproductive hormones. When we are feeling pressure our pituitary and adrenal glands produce adrenaline and cortisol in preparation for fight or flight. If the pressure doesn’t pass within a short time we continue to produce these chemicals and long periods of these chemicals cause problems elsewhere in the body. In relation to fertility this alarm reaction engages both the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands which causes disruption with hormonal balancing required for the reproductive system.
When the subconscious detects a stressful situation it sets of the alarm system, the Hypothalamus reacts immediately by sending messages to the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands, these glands send the stress hormones to prepare the body for fight or flight (Sympathetic Nervous System), shutting down non critical functions including reproductive systems. On going stress (and production of stress hormones) disrupts the activity of progesterone, inhibit implantation of the fertilised egg and prevent ovulation thinning of the uterine wall lining. In addition, the chemical imbalances also serve to decrease the sex drive in both males and females.

The work that do we together will decrease the stress hormones which in turn allows the reproduction hormones to be produced restoring balance to the reproductive system.

Reproreflexology works in a subtle way on a physical and emotional level and is especially beneficial for those experiencing fertility issues. Reflexology can be particularly beneficial in the time leading up to egg collection and embryo transfer. Treatment sessions will encourage relaxation and alleviate anxiety, helping to reduce stress hormones, which may improve your chances of success. Around four to six sessions is recommended.

Top Tips to fight Infertility

  1. Stress and anxiety contribute significantly to fertility issues. Find ways to lower your stress levels. 
  2. Be aware that in 50% of fertility cases men’s issues are the reason. Some times both the male and female can have problems at the same time. 
  3. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, drugs and stop smoking. 
  4. Maybe get a medication review to find out if your medication may affect your fertility.
  5. Eat a healthy balanced diet. If you are overweight, losing weight can help. 

How we can help you

If you are reading this then you may be experiencing some of the pain, stress and despair that many people experience on their infertility journey.  However you too can have the joy that many of our clients experience when they finally conceive against all odds.

Your mind and body are one system.  Epigenetics demonstrates how our thinking and emotions can affect our body’s down to cellular level.

Your mind affects your day to day experience of the journey but it can also affect you ability to get pregnant whether tying to conceive naturally or with fertility treatment. Turn hope into success, feel more in control with our fertility support programmes.

Support with personalised programmes through natural Fertility or Assisted Fertility.

We believe if you treat the mind as well as the body as well as the body often associated fertility is not necessary.
We also believe that if you factor in the mind you can increase the success of fertility treatment significantly.
Studies, and our clinical experience, indicate the success rate can increase form average of 25%-30% to 50%-70%.

Evidence shows that IVF, ART and other methods of assisted fertility are proven to increase your stress levels which in turn decrease your chances of success. Our specially designed programs will help reduce stress and promote conception and a successful pregnancy.

Infertility is not simply a physical issue, but that stress, emotion, fear, anxiety, trauma and belief all play a vital role in creating conception. Hypnotherapy  and/or Reflexology for fertility can help with natural conception and support assisted conception.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, and no matter what part of your fertility journey you have reached Reproflexology can help you to face the next step with courage and confidence.

Therapies to help you overcome infertility

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