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Suffering from Depression? This can help.


Are you experiencing one of the following symptoms?

There are many different causes for depression

Depression symptoms vary from person to person. It’s important to realise that everyone will feel down or depressed from time to time; it’s a part of normal life flow. However if you find you’re experiencing  feelings and emotions such as hopelessness, despair or lack of motivation that just won’t go away, you  may have depression. Depression can be mild, moderate or severe. Life changing circumstances (divorce, relationship breakdown, job loss or financial difficulties can bring an onset of depression. Childhood trauma, Traumatic events, chronic illness and unexpected life changes can also bring on depression. 

Feeling isolated, not understood and lonely (even if you have people in your life) is linked to depression. This is a key element for most people and is far more contributory that most people recognise. 

Top Tips to fight Depression

  1. Avoid alcohol as much as possible. Alcohol can make you more depressed.
  2. Exercise can help. Exercise releases feel good chemicals in our brain and body. Even a 20 minute walk can lift your mood.  
  3. Make positive connections. One of the key contributors to depression is isolation. Connecting with the right people can make all the difference to your emotional well being. 
  4. It is really important to look after yourself, even more so when you are depressed. Self care can take different forms such as eating well, getting a good nights sleep, exercising, time to enjoy a hobby or interest and of course booking a massage or another type of therapy session.   
  5. There are several evidenced based approaches that can help you be rid of or manage your depression. Book a free consultation with us to find our more.  

How we can help you

We have several therapeutic approaches which help you to explore what limiting beliefs you hold and why you act and react in certain situations. Many of the therapeutic approaches make changes in brain (neuroscience) and can help you let go of the limiting beliefs permanently. This in turn can change negative behaviours and habits helping you to be the best version of yourself

Unsure what‘s the best solution for you?

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