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Suffering from anger? This can help.


Are you experiencing one of the following symptoms?

There are many different causes for holding and or feeling anger

Anger is a healthy and purposeful emotion; it’s intention is to protect you, keep you safe. However, when anger rises in situations where you are not threatened, or there is no clear risk there will be an underlying cause. Anger will still be protecting you. Look at feelings underneath the anger and you will find a myriad of feelings which your anger is trying to hide, to protect you from realising and/or feeling. Feelings of not feeling worthy, feeling disrespected, not listened to, guilty, ashamed, fearful or that you don’t matter to others. These aren’t the only emotions, feelings and beliefs of course.  

Your subconsciously held limiting beliefs drive your feelings, attitude and behaviour without you consciously being aware of it. You may find you judge yourself telling yourself “this is  ridiculous”, ” there is something wrong with me” or “I don’t understand why I am like this”. You may be risking relationships, jobs, promotions or opportunities because your feelings and anger get the way.  

Top Tips to fight the anger feelings

  1. Breathe. The  7/11 breathing technique will allow the Adrenalin and cortisol to dissipate and restore blood flow to your thinking brain (Pre Frontal cortex).
  2. Realise that people are all fellow strugglers. While they seem to be selfish or inconsiderate this is often not the case. They have issues and problems too. 
  3. Keep a journal so you can identity patterns. Often anger is a result of built up stress and feeling overwhelmed. Keeping a journal can help you identify patterns so you can manage things better. 
  4. Exercise is an excellent way to promote dopamine and endorphins and regular exercise will help you feel less angry. 
  5. Book some sessions with a professional therapist.

How we can help you

We offer a range of proven therapeutic approaches, some of which will help you manage the anger, others will help you be rid of the underlying cause which means you will no longer feel anger inappropriately, and at times when anger is appropriate, it will be in the right proportion without resulting in rage. 

Therapies to help you manage or be rid of anger

Unsure what‘s the best solution for you?

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