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Pain Management

What pain management is and how it works



Pain is a signal, an alarm to make you aware some part of your body may be or may become damaged. Once you recognise and take steps to remove the cause of the pain or act to remedy the damage being done there is no need for the pain to continue. How many times have you contacted the surgery for an appointment with your GP and found that when you get to your appointment the pain has disappeared or the symptom is no longer presenting? This is because you have taken action in order to address the problem. Many aches and pains and ailments are rooted in brain processes that can be affected by your mental attitude and emotion, promoting good mental health or letting go of emotional issues repairs a lot of ailments the body can suffer with. Our pain clinic offers several therapies all of which are very successful for most people in managing, diminishing or negating pain.


Different approaches provide different solutions. We have a range of therapies that can help you either manage or be rid of pain.

Exercise Rehabilitation
Exercise can help rebuild confidence and manage anxiety and stress.
Regular exercise before surgery or after treatment will help you recover faster and have better outcomes.
Rehab exercises to regain strength, mobility, core stability and encouraging of good form to make everyday activities easier.
Injury prevention


Sports Massage Therapy
sporting injuries;
General Lowe back pain
Plantar Fasciitis 
Achillies Tendinosis
Frozen Shoulder / Rotator Cuff
Shin Splints
Tennis / Golfers elbow


Our therapists focus on acute and chronic pain conditions that arise in the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Whether this pain has arisen from injury, poor posture, overuse (i.e. repetitive strain), stress or any other reason we aim is to relieve your pain and improve your flexibility.


EFT is very effective in helping manage pain in chronic illnesses such Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has been researched extensively, with strongly positive results for its effectiveness in resolving both emotional and physical difficulties.  It is gentle enough to be used by people in chronic pain and with the pain that comes from chronic disease.

The pain management team can help you with

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