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Lymphatic Drainage

What Lymphatic Drainage is and how it works​

Myofascial Release (MFR)


Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a very special type of skin massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic system. The hand movements and sequences are adapted for each person. You will usually have MLD  2 or 3 times a week. The length of the course may vary, and it is sometimes combined with other treatments. 


The aim is to encourage the lymph fluid to move away from the swollen area, so it can drain normally. It also helps lymph fluid drain through the healthy lymph vessels. This helps control swelling.

Fluent compression strokes provide a gentle, consistent wave-like massage to the treated areas, increasing circulation and helping remove waste and toxins from the body whilst promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage should be offered by a qualified practitioners only. 

For pregnancy and postnatal care

For pregnant and lactating women,  gives comfort especially in legs and feet when fluid retention strikes. MLD also helps breast feeding relieving  the problems of blocked ducts and sore tight breasts.

After cancer treatment 

Lymphatic treatment is often required after cancer treatment and when the lymph nodes have been removed. Having lymph nodes removed can cause some long term side effects. Lymph nodes drain fluid from your arms and legs. If the surgeon removes the lymph nodes, fluid can build up and cause swelling in your arms or legs. This is called lymphoedema.

For healing

Reducing pain and discomfort post surgery or injury.  Decongesting the swollen and sore tissues through therapy, pain and discomfort would be reduced.


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