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Feeling stressed? This can help.


Are you experiencing one of the following symptoms?

There are many different causes for stress

Stress is difficult to avoid completely; in small doses stress can be beneficial, for example helping to be motivated to get a job done. However a constant source of stress can be debilitating and lead to emotional, mental and physical problems.  Because people experience stress for different reasons, not everyone experiences every type of stress symptom. For example, while one person may only experience emotional stress symptoms, someone else may experience more severe stress that can cause additional types of symptoms.

Our wide range of therapies can help you relieve or eradicate stress. Whether you choose a relaxing Massage to ease muscle tension, Reflexology or Reiki for relaxation or Counselling or Hypnotherapy to get to the source of the problem and start to change your life we can help you.

Top Tips to fight Stress

  1. Make time for self care
  2. Recognise your triggers
  3. Avoid self soothing habits such as alcohol, drugs, gambling and shopping  which cause further problems 
  4. Realise that you don’t have to be responsible for other people’s responsibilities. Take a step back if there’s too much going on 
  5. Talk to someone you trust

How we can help you

Decide how you want to manage the stress in your life.  Do you want to work on your emotional responses to stress triggers? Do you believe at some level you find things stressful when others don’t? Then we can help you using approaches such as coaching, counselling , EFT or CBT. 

If you feel that a holistic approach may work for you then it’s a question of you giving your self some time for self care. Regular treatments can relieve you of those stressful feelings both in the body and the mind and provide a much needed top up of positivity, de -stress and relief.    

Therapies to help you overcome or manage stress

Unsure what‘s the best solution for you?

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