Increase your wellbeing and overall health with our bespoke therapy packages.

We have discovered the ideal approach to creating exceptional well being lies within our unique combination treatments. Because everyone is unique, everyone should be treated uniquely.

Our therapists design treatment plan specifically to meet your needs; a plan as individual as you are.

Because everyone’s minds and bodies are different it goes without saying that everyone will respond differently to different treatments. By careful assessment, measurement and monitoring our qualified, experienced therapists will create a bespoke treatment plan for you to help you achieve the outcome you desire.


Our modern day life presents us with many pressures; it is natural to feel under pressure at times, because of the demands life places on us. Usually the pressure is transient and can result from positive and negative life and job events. If the pressure is unrelenting and there is no time for recovery, negative health effects can result.

Aching muscles, headaches, IBS, skin disorders, feeling tired and lethargic are all signs of feeling under pressure. Our tailored service can help alleviate your stress symptoms.


If you suffer from persistent lack of good quality sleep you will likely be suffering in other ways too. You may have noticed you never feel as though you have enough energy, feel irritable a lot of the time, lack motivation and  find your performance in many things affected.

Day to day functioning will be affected by lack of sleep; you may find your cognitive functioning impaired.

Long term (chronic) sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes.


Living with long term pain can restrict your choices and limit your enjoyment of life. You may choose to miss out on certain activities because of your pain. Pain may prevent you from being active, socialising or working.  Stress may increase pain duration or pain levels. Pain may prevent good quality sleep which affects the immune system and also can contribute to pain intensity and duration.

Evidence shows us that pain is a sensory AND emotional experience and because of this we can manage or negate pain using natural approaches.

Women's Health

At certain points in a woman’s life the monthly cycle can have a negative effect on your body, your mind and your emotions. Unpleasant physical symptoms such as headaches, bloatedness, lethargy, stomach cramps, hot flushes,  menorrhagia  (heavy bleeding), amenorrhoea (absent periods), migraines and joint and muscle pain are symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Anxiety, low mood and irritability can also be present as your hormonal levels  fluctuate. Insomnia can add to your list of unpleasant symptoms.

If you find you suffer from headaches, muscle and joint aches, always seem to be feeling tired or catch lots of colds you may find a personal therapy plan can really help you.