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Rose Therapy

Rose Therapy is and how it works



Regular soft tissue massage can calm the nervous system, assist circulation and regulate the flow of fluid throughout the entire body. This nourishes and cleanses cells, assisting the regeneration of tissue, aids flushing the body of harmful wastes and toxins, increasing resistance to sickness and disease.

After a vigorous personal training session we all know there is nothing better than a good massage for easing out those aches and pains. Whilst it is often seen as a ‘luxury’, massage plays an important part of any health and fitness plan, enhancing your recuperation, regeneration and recovery. Sports massage is especially helpful where realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue becomes necessary.



A blend of the best organic Almond and Wheatgerm oil with Orange, Myrrh, Damask Rose, Lavender, Frankincense and Rosehip essential oil.

It will boost your femininity, while balancing your hormones, removing toxins and improving your skin. Using Rose absolute essential oil this massage will provide harmony in mind, body and spirit.

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