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Reiki and Reflexology treatment

What this combination treatment is and how it works​



Reflexology works by applying pressure to points on the body, specifically the feet, in order to improve health, relieve pain and promote relaxation. Reflexologists believe that certain zones on the feet, hands and ears correspond to various glands, organs and muscles located elsewhere in the body. When pressure is applied to these zones, people claim to experience beneficial health effects. For example, massaging the tips of the toes is believed to stimulate the head and brain and relieve headaches, while pressure applied to the ball of the foot is believed beneficial to the chest and heart.

People use Reiki to relax and strengthen their wellbeing, reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue; help manage symptoms; reduce side effects of medications; and support recovery after injuries or surgery.


Increase your energy levels, feel emotionally balanced and positive with this powerful combination of treatments.


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