Stress and Anxiety


Stress is difficult to avoid completely; in small doses stress can be beneficial, for example helping to be motivated to get a job done. However a constant source of stress can be debilitating and lead to emotional, mental and physical problems.  Because people experience stress for different reasons, not everyone experiences every type of stress symptom. For example, while one person may only experience emotional stress symptoms, someone else may experience more severe stress that can cause additional types of symptoms.

Our wide range of therapies can help you relieve or eradicate stress. Whether you choose a relaxing Massage to ease muscle tension, Reflexology or Reiki for relaxation or Counselling or Hypnotherapy to get to the source of the problem and start to change your life we can help you.



The experience of anxiety can range from mild uneasiness and worry to severe panic. At a reasonable level, short bursts of anxiety can motivate us and enhance our performance. If anxiety becomes too severe or chronic, however, it can become debilitating.

Anxiety typically involves an emotional component (e.g. fear, nervousness), a physical component (e.g. trembling, dry mouth, heart racing, stomach churning) and a cognitive component (frightening thoughts, e.g. I’m going to fail/make a fool of myself/lose control).