The Hostile Uterus

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Having problems conceiving can be a simple thing such as environment, yes the environment of your Uterus. The mucus produced in the uterus needs to be alkaline for the sperm to survive and travel towards the fallopian tubes and fertilize the egg. This changes depending on where you are in you menstrual cycle.

Various things can effect the mucus

    • Infections can cause the vaginal fluids to become tainted, killing or otherwise damaging sperm as they enter the vagina
    • Anti-sperm antibodies in the cervical mucus When activated, these antibodies actually work to immobilize sperm, preventing any from entering the cervix.
    • Acidic diet Healthy cervical mucous is alkaline in nature. To have a more alkaline cervical mucous eat a diet high in vegetables and stay away from processed foods, soda, meat, dairy and sugar.
  • Stress can means your periods become irregular and stop the body producing the correct level of hormones which to enable the body to produce the correct environment.As your body moves towards ovulation the hormone oestrogen rises making the mucus clear and sticky and more alkaline (similar to egg white) this nourishes and protects the sperm and helps it travel towards the fallopian tubes.It’s natural for the uterus to be acidic as this helps combat infections. So to have the hormones working properly to remove the acidity for the optimum time is essential.


  • Reducing stress and regulating your periods enable you to track your cycle to know the best time to conceive. There is a very small window in which your body is fertile in a month. Ovulation happens 12-14 days before your period starts. The egg is released from the ovary and survives for only up to 24 hours.

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