Stopping Smoking can be one of the most difficult things to do. There’s lots of reasons why we find it so hard to stop smoking. We have two very successful therapists who specialise in helping people to stop smoking for good.

Janet Smith

Freedom2 Stop Smoking

Don't go cold turkey, quit with help
Are you tired of failing to quit?  Have you lost faith in your ability to stop smoking?  Are you worried about weight gain or being irritable to live with?  You know that smoking is bad for you and your health, you probably know all the facts but you still find it hard to believe that you can stop for good. If this sounds like you or someone you know, I’d like to tell you how I can help you stop smoking in just 2 sessions with me.

Ian Hollinshead

Stop Smoking CBT Programme

 Stop Smoking CBT Program – Sanctuary CBT, Coaching & Counselling

Addiction occurs when an individual loses control over an activity or type of behaviour.  The activity is usually something that is enjoyable or satisfies a need.  However, after the individual losses control they cannot contain the activity within reasonable bounds and the behaviour causes a bad impact on the person’s well-being.  When the behaviour stops, the person experiences unpleasant physical or mental reactions or ‘withdrawal symptoms’.

Why do you smoke?

When a smoker smokes a cigarette, the crude chemicals they inhale signal to their brain to release endorphins, the body’s natural opiates.  It is not actually the cigarette that makes them feel good, but their body’s own internal response to that cigarette.

The difficulties nearly every person had when learning to inhale was nausea, light-headedness and in some extreme cases vomiting.  This was an attempt by your body to prevent any more poison getting into your system.  You actually had to program your body to like it (the opposite to what we will do in this program) you did this programming sub-consciously, the stress on your body brought on by the poison, nicotine, also triggered a release of endorphins and endomorphines in order to ease the pain caused in fighting of the poison in the cigarette. To ensure it has enough ‘natural painkillers’ to fight off the next attack (i.e. cigarette), your body shuts down the natural cycle of endorphin release, saving them up instead to combat the next hit of poisonous chemicals.

17193893446_a0118ac1a2_oWhen that endorphin release does not come the smoker experiences stress, and craves the endorphin release, which their brain now associates with smoking another cigarette.  At this point, the brain has been programmed to want a cigarette.  That cycle continues round and round until the person stops smoking.


This Stop Smoking CBT program is designed to help you break that cycle and to stop associating the endorphin release with nicotine. All the information and instructions are sent to you and you get 7 coaching calls up to 30 mins each with me during the course of the program.Because of time restraints I can only have 5 people in the course at once. The cost of this course is £75 per person.

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