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Sports performance

Want to improve your game? This can help.


Are you experiencing one of the following symptoms?

  • Trouble focusing
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Caving in to pressure
  • Easily frustrated
  • Not achieving growth despite giving it your all

There are many different causes for mental and body blocks

If you find you have issues that are affecting sports performance we can help. For some clients the work is around sports related issues such as coping with pressure, managing anxiety, maintaining a commitment to training etc, but for others it can be things outside sport – such as relationship problems – which get in the way of giving your best in your sporting career. Often, it’s a combination of these things, and we can work on both sport specific issues and ‘life’ issues in. 

You may have a frustrating physical problem with limited reach, grip or muscle soreness or tension. An old injury may impede your current performance.

Top Tips to improve sports performance

  1. Visualisation is a great tool to improve your sports performance. 
  2. Positive affirmations can be powerful
  3. Meditation, like visualisation, can guide your unconscious mind to improve your achievements.
  4. Get some professional help from one of our qualified and experienced therapists

How we can help you

We offer both a mental and physical approach to sports performance improvement. Physically, our lead body rehab specailist, Marcus Nash, uses programmes designed and delivered to enhance neuromuscular innervation, proprioception and biomechanics function. 

Mentally and emotionally Janet Smith, sports performance therapist, can help you up your game whether it’s sailing, golf, running, tennis, rugby. netball or literally any sport.

Unsure what‘s the best solution for you?

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