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Rehabilitation Practitioner

Marcus Nash

  • 10 Years Experience
  • Specialised in Scar rehabilitation, Breath optimisation , Low back and sacroiliac pain, Pelvic floor pain / issues, Whiplash
  • MSc BSc (Hons) SpDipEM PgC NKT DNA ACFRP

About Marcus

As a Rehabilitation Practitioner, I help people help themselves to breathe better, move better, feel better and ultimately live better.

Everybody is amazing, and normally very capable of healing themselves with a little help here and there. 

I work primarily with the nervous system to resolve movement problems which can cause the lack of function or pain people experience. Pain should not define you. 

In clinic we use a unique combination of therapeutic and training techniques from a range of disciplines to affect change. Once we find and treat the underlying causes, we can often see permanent change for the better, and people can go back to enjoying their normal, active lives, ensuring their long term health. 

Therapies he specialises in



Text me to arrange a friendly informal chat :

+44 (0) 7411 681 696

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