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Humanistic Counsellor

Gina Kelly

  • 8 Years Experience
  • Specialised in Cancer. Long Term Illness. Bereavement Counselling. Relationship Difficulties. Depression.self Esteem/Confidence. Loss of Direction. Able to work with young people 11+
  • Registered MBACP BA (Hons)

About Gina

My Counselling training and experience covers a vast spectrum of concerns and issues many relating to loss in one form or another: I.e loss of independence due to illness, bereavement, friendships, loss of direction, self-worth and identity.

I seek a way of being with my clients that includes relational depth and connection, enabling my clients to benefit from a whole person therapeutic approach that pays attention to context, this I believe empowers people to focus generatively on what they can change or come to terms with to enhance tranquillity, acceptance and inner peace. 


I trained as a Humanistic Counsellor and have a Professional Diploma and a BA (Hons) Degree in Humanistic Counselling. I believe my training to be of the highest standards covering all aspects of the Humanistic realms these being at the core of my way of being. I will openly give to the counselling relationship, non-judgmental caring (unconditional positive regard), genuineness (congruence), and empathy. My way of working is very much a holistic approach believing in the importance of every aspect of ourselves ‘mind, body and soul’ enabling a wholeness around our well-being. 

I embrace and believe as a Humanistic counsellor that all people have inherent worth and deserve respect and sensitivity. I hold faith that over time, we all have an innate tendency to move forward realizing our potential for growth, understanding and acceptance. I believe that we are all organically creative and highly individual and we all have the right to experience emotional challenges in our own way and in our own time-eventually resulting in psychological wellness and/or acceptance and my hope – inner peace.

I have a duty of care to all my clients, be-it one to one, couples, families, groups and telephone counselling, and confidentiality is a fundamentally important part of the therapeutic relationship. I am respectful of their wishes; I explain clearly that which cannot remain confidential and that a dialogue will always be maintained to assist them through any difficulties. I attend supervision monthly, which I find extremely helpful in maintaining a duty of care for all my clients.


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