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Nutritional Therapist

Anna Runza

  • 5 Years Experience
  • Specialised in Food intolerance, Allergies, Weight management,
  • ICHM, S.N.H.S Dip

About Anna

Anna’s interest in Nutrition began at a very early age and has always been a major focus throughout her life. After a successful career as a Sales and Marketing Director for a multi million pound corporate company and as a business consultant, she decided to study and make a career in Nutrition and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). Fuelled by both her mother and daughter have challenging diseases, Anna was driven to increase her knowledge and assist other people in having a healthier life and maintain it with nutrition and general well being.

Anna is a member of The I.C.H.M. and qualified in:

  • Advanced Holistic Nutrition
  • Nutrition for 50years +
  • Allergy Testing
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Business and Life Coaching

A successful session of nutritional therapy will result in you starting to take control of your diet and lifestyle, and move towards long- term positive change.

By working with you in person it is important to establish the body, mind, and spirit in order to address the root cause of any imbalance or heealth issue, rather than merely suppressing the symptoms. We can tackle the mental and physical stresses of life, work to understand and identify the triggers that cause these issues through Holistic Nutrition and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). The results ? a better quality of life.

We live in challenging and demanding times – we won’t let that get in the way of your well being.

I had a consultation with Anna yesterday. She was lovely and really put me at ease. Anna spoke knowledgeably about intolerance testing and nutrition and was able to recommend changes that fit with my lifestyle. Anna also tested my antioxidant levels using a scanner which was brilliant – we so often hear about which vitamins to take, but antioxidants aren’t as widely known, despite being responsible for fighting cell aging and inflammation. My antioxidant levels were through the floor 😱 so I have work to do there – again, she gave workable solutions.


I didn’t realised that I needed the help, when I did. Honestly the most happiest and confident I have felt in a long time. It’s charge my outlook on life. I am happier and healthier! Highly recommend to anyone who is willing to get the support that is needed. I came for a food intolerance test and came out as a different person. I suffer for anxiety I can’t even go into shop on my own, but with Anna’s techniques I now can do most things by Myself and not worry.


I took my son after years of severe eczema, using multiple creams and steroids, and always having stomach problems. He had the tests and got clear answers of foods to avoid. Within 2 weeks his eczema has virtually gone and so have the stomach aches. Anna is lovely and great support throughout would highly recommend.


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