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Mindset Coach

Abbie Broad

  • 5 Years Experience
  • Specialised in Business start up coaching, Group workshops, Setting short, mid and long term goals, Shape behaviours
  • Level 5 Diploma – Life and Performance Coaching with NLP, Licenced Trainer for Simply Changing, MBSR Mindfulness. ABC Level 3 counselling skills.

About Abbie

It is my belief that coaching should be accessible to everyone. I recognise the importance of building rapport with my clients and focus on improving confidence and belief to achieve a successful outcome. Coaching offers a positive and effective process to enable anyone who is ready for change, to do so in a manner that is both comfortable and inclusive.

Working in a relaxed and conversational style I use a person-centred approach. Coaching can and will bring about huge changes and enable a person to think and behave differently. Through coaching we can identify skills and resources, take control of our life and create a more positive and resourceful future.

My Core Values as a Coach
To Build Trust – Transparency of Process – Authenticity – To Build Confidence – Focus Attention – To Shape Behaviour – Positive Reinforcement – Build Rapport – Person Centred Professionalism – Integrity

I’ve been working with Abbie for a couple of months now and I’m seeing a big change, not only in the amount of business I’m getting, but also in my mental approach to it. Having resisted putting my prices up for fear of putting people off, I’ve now increased my fee and I’m getting more of the clients I want to work with. Abbie challenges you - in the most constructive and kindest way! - to examine your assumptions and self-beliefs around self- worth and confidence in the service you offer. To rediscover the reasons why you went into business in the first place.

LW Southsea

Personal and business challenges are interlinked – “I” have to be in working order to make my business work. The Mindset Coaching programme has enabled me to do exactly this. Abbie, your coaching is second to none and has given me the knowledge and understanding to explore, challenge and reflect. Add in the other amazing people of this group on a similar journey then we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and support. Change doesn’t happen overnight and I know there will always be challenges but it’s how I manage this that has changed.

PM, Gosport

Participating in the Mindset Coaching Workshops and working 1-1 with Abbie, I have developed self-confidence through creating pro-active behaviours in my business. I am better able to stay focused when engaging with potential clients and networking. Committing to a process of mindset change has helped me to identify and overcome perceived barriers when growing my business. I loved the experience of sharing my challenges and triumphs with other like-minded people. We supported each other wholeheartedly and I feel I have made new friends who will see me through my business growth.

VH, Cosham

Abbie is encouraging and supportive and shares ideas from her own experience in business, without being directive or imposing her own point of view; this is important when working with people in the therapy business where client autonomy is key. If, like me, you’re trying to reboot a therapy practice and feeling bogged down or stuck, I’d happily suggest giving Abbie a call!

LW, Southsea

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