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David Rendle, Executive Life Coach and Tutor


The process of making a significant life-changing decision can be difficult and uncomfortable. This state can lead to paralysis by analysis, which blocks you from ever making that decision. David’s coaching skills will empower you to feel at ease with your ‘creative indecision’. ‘Creative indecision’ is a mindset that allows you to be calm about your state of indecisiveness and provides you with space to nurture creative thinking about possible choices.

David’s model divides the decision-making process into easy steps. He will move you through the process with carefully chosen coaching questions, and he combines a variety of fascinating creative ‘right brain’ and structured ‘left brain’ activities to help you to explore a wide range of options. Some of these options may not have occurred to you before. He will prompt you to think in a logical manner about choosing the path that is a comfortable fit with your values and practicalities. You will be supported with creating an achievable action plan, and David’s ongoing support will enable you to make that decision happen and change your life.

David refined his approach over many years in of support his students with reaching decisions about subject combinations, careers and UCAS choices. His coaching model is designed to be used with anyone struggling with other important decisions, such as:

  • Changing job
  • Relationships
  • Important purchases
  • Moving house
  • Retirement options
  • Financial decisions

And more….


David provides coaching support either in-person, via telephone or video call and follow-up support .

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