Finding the right Coach or Therapist can often seem daunting. You know that something needs to change; you may have no idea where to start. Are you feeling trapped by negative emotions such as Anger or Sadness, responding negatively towards those that you love and care about? Perhaps you are just not that happy right now, you lack motivation and self-belief, but you have a desire for change.

I always feel privileged and humbled to work with clients who are often sharing with me their inner-most thoughts, feelings, aspirations and life stories. I am a Counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Spectrum Therapist (TM). I am also a trained Bereavement Counsellor working with The Rowans Hospice.

I have developed by Freedom2 series through over 900+ hours of clinical experience, working with clients just like you. By combining a variety of therapies, I can help you get to the root cause of the problem, quickly, safely and effectively, leaving you feeling lighter and inspired to take the next steps.


Sessions can be weekly/fortnightly lasting 90 minutes each, or you may wish to consider a Freedom2 Change Day .

Emotional Wellness Coaching can help with a wide range of issues such as:-

Emotional: Loss & Bereavement, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Trauma, Dementia
Wellness: Eating disorders, Weight loss, Addictions, Improving Confidence and Positivity, Stress Reduction, Relaxation & Balance, Increase Energy & Vitality, Develop Satisfying Relationships.
Coaching: Transformational Coaching living the life you were born to live… embracing change, Work/life balance.   Self-development Freedom2 Change VIP program.

Whether you are looking for a new direction in life, dealing with emotional issues from the past or want to improve your health and wellbeing and build a brighter future for you and your family, contact me today. I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute initial conversation to see how Emotional Wellness Coaching can benefit you.

Please visit my website and download your free Freedom2 Relax MP3.



“Janet is simply a brilliant Practitioner very compassionate and gentle”.

Janet Smith