Nuttrition jpegHolistic Nutrition

A successful session of nutritional therapy will result in you starting to take control of your diet and lifestyle, and move towards long- term positive change.Holistic Nutritional Therapy is a natural,safe and effective approach to healthcare that enables you to tap into your own body’s healing ability.

I work with  your body and mind in order to address the root cause of any imbalance or health issue. We can tackle the mental and physical stresses of life, work to understand and identify the triggers that cause these issues through Holistic Nutrition and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). The results ?  a better quality of life.

What to expect from your consultation.

Everyone is unique and therefore a full case history will need to be taken. This will cover current health issues, lifestyle, dietary habits, medical and family history. Further lab testing may be required in order to understand and address the root cause of physical symptoms e.g. allergy and food intolerance tests.

An individual tailored programme will be created and discussed with you to improve your overall well being and to work to achieve the goals that were identified in the initial session. Handouts, lifestyle coaching and email support are also included.

The Importance of Identifying Clear Goals

Education and inspiration are key and it is of great importance that your goals are clear and your desire to achieve them is in place.

Three initial consultations are recommended at fortnightly intervals. The number of sessions required will depend on your goals, progress and individual needs.

How will it work for me?

A health questionnaire is sent prior to your first consultation, which is treated with the strictest confidence, and assists in learning about your lifestyle and pinpoints the possible underlying causes of your symptoms.

How long is each consultation?

The initial consultation is approximately 2 hours and provides an opportunity to discuss and devise a personalised plan to better well being through diet and nutrition.

Allergy Testing

Food Allergy is a reaction involves the body’s immune system and is a reaction to a specific food or foods that are causing distressing and often severe symptoms.

Symptoms caused by an allergic reaction usually develop rapidly and can range from mild to severe cases ( anaphylaxis) that are life threatening and require immediate attention with adrenaline injection and admission to A and E.

Reactions can often occur to trace amounts of foods so complete exclusion is essential.

IgE mediated food allergies are easier to diagnose and if the foods are totally excluded, it is possible to remain completely free from any symptoms. Non IgE mediated food allergy can be more difficult to diagnose.


Food Intolerance is not so clear-cut.

Food Intolerance reactions do not involve IgE antibodies or the immune system.

Reactions are usually delayed occurring several hours and sometimes up to several days after eating the offending food.

Food Intolerance has been associated with a wide range of health issues in the population including eczema, headaches and migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, and joint pain.

Sufferers of food intolerance frequently complain of lethargy or fogginess and of being generally unwell.

You can be intolerant to several foods and it could take a long time before an individual identifies the problem foods and gain some long-term relief.

However you can have a test that will give you Same Day results.

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