Fertility & Ovarian Health

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Ovarian health depends upon three factors:

• nutritional status

• blood flow

• the balance of reproductive hormones to stress hormones.

Nutritional status – the reproductive system, like the rest of our body, has certain nutritional requirements. And if this is not met, the reproductive system will suffer.

Blood flow – a woman of age 40 typically has five times less blood flow to her ovaries than a woman of age 20. This dramatically effects the ovarian function where the follicles’ all important growth phase. The reproductive system is like a self sustaining eco system, it requires nutrients blood supply, oxygenation of the blood. We have the ability to teach our clients techniques to increase blood flow to the all important reproductive system.

Hormonal balance – the endocrine system is a delicate interplay of the reproductive hormones, stress hormones, and emotions. This system is very sensitive and operates via a feedback mechanism, where its in constant communication with itself and other systems in the body. When you introduce outside hormones into the equation, the system is overwhelmed. it shuts that system down. Synthetic hormones dont cure hormonal imbalances, they only overwhelm the system. This is not harmony and balance. Unfortunately our doctors have only learnt reproductive disease, High FSH, Poor Ovarian Reserve, etc and not ‘Reproductive Health’ , our role is to support our clients in getting back into reproductive health.

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