1.Teaches simple skills that can be utilised everyday by children.

2.Improves concentration, self discipline and mental focus.

3.Reduces anxiety and stress whilst increasing happiness.

4.Develops a greater sense of awareness and appreciation of self and others.

5.Develops emotional intelligence and the ability to pause before reacting to situations providing the chance to choose a more skilful response.


Counselling young people:

  • Helps establish trust and understanding with a child.
  • Encourages the child to tell their story, in a confidential and safe environment.
  • Allows the young person to express him/herself, and to explore feelings and thoughts.
  • Enables the child to make informed choices.
  • Helps the young person develop a positive attitude.
  • Helps the young person develop and build confidence and self-esteem.


Children are great to work with in Hypnotherapy because their minds are more open to change and their imaginations are usually very active. Hypnotherapy can help many issues such as

  • Improved exam confidence
  • Improved memory/learning
  • Thumb sucking/nail biting
  • Bedwetting
  • Low self-esteem
  • Phobias
  • Dealing with stress or worry


EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique

Kids run through emotions quickly and often have fears that an adult can’t understand and therefore cannot help children to deal with effectively.

The idea of being frightened of something living in the closet seems absurd to most adults, yet this is one of the most common fears of a child. Tapping is a easy and effective way to help children of all ages manage their feelings and fears.

1. Can significantly reduce exam and test nerves

2.Helps end childrens’ negative beliefs about themselves

3.Increases childrens’ confidence

4.Gets rid of phobias

5.Children often find EFT (tapping) sessions to be fun

6.For children who are living with chronic pain or chronic disease, EFT is very gentle and helpful

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP will help children/teenagers understand their problems, transform them and move them on pass them.We all make maps inside our brain, how we use those maps to make sense of life and in turn communicate those maps with others, influences our behaviour. Using an NLP skill set, children can be taught how to change their maps, so they can gain confidence, or motivation, or overcome their fears. Properly taught, NLP is fast and profoundly powerful.