Bereavement Support


Our experienced and sensitive Counsellors can help you through the bereavement process. Bereavement is the time we spend adjusting to loss. It can be a painful journey and having someone to talk to can help you through the journey. A host of emotions can be felt during grief including anger, confusion, sadness and loneliness. Our counsellors can help you to work through the emotions you may feel as you move through the grief curve. Sometimes, grief can turn into something more serious – like depression.

This is the time we spend adjusting to loss. There is no standard time limit and there is no right or wrong way to feel during the bereavement period – everyone must learn to cope in their own way.

Our counselling may be able to provide support during these very difficult times. Talking about the loss often allows a person to adjust to their new life with all its changes – good and bad. Keeping things bottled up or denying the sadness could prolong the pain. Any loss has to be acknowledged for us to move forward. Counselling tries to help clients find a place for their loss so they can carry on with life and eventually find acceptance.

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